Self Assessment of suitability to Total Urgent Care

Total Urgent Care provides a quick self assessment to help you determine whether you require Urgent Care service or Emergency Department visit.

The common illnesses and injuries treated at Total Urgent Care are listed below. It is important to understand that some of these conditions – both common and less common – should be taken straight to the Emergency Department. If your condition is life threatening, please call 000.

Please use the self assessment form below to quickly identify the next course of action. Alternatively, if you wish to speak to one of our staff or your symptom/condition is not available below, please call us on (08) 7095 3435.

Take Self Assessment

Choose a statement below that you feel applies to you and select submit.

A recommendation of a Total Urgent Care centre or Emergency Department visit based on your selection will appear under the submit button.

Assessment Outcomes Explained

Urgent Care (No Appointment Needed)

For any illness that needs immediate medical attention, but doesn't constitute a threat to your life or limb.

Emergency Department

Life or limb threatening conditions.