About Total Urgent Care

Our emergency departments are overburdened and overrun with non-life-threatening medical situations. Emergency Departments are under growing strain; therefore, it may be hours before you are seen. Minor wounds and burns, sprains and fractured bones, stitches and glue for cuts, minor eye and ear injuries, and infections are all examples of non-life-threatening emergencies.

Urgent Care centres were created to free up Emergency Departments to treat urgent and life-threatening ailments. According to the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare1, 47% of emergency department presentations in 2020-21 – little over 4 million visits – were either semi-urgent or non-urgent. That's about 4 million people who might have been treated by doctors and nurses outside of the emergency department, ideally in an Urgent Care centre.

Total Urgent Care is a specialist lead, privately-run, walk-in service which is a good option for patients needing to have urgent treatment, but not necessarily requiring admission to an Emergency Department. Total Urgent Care has the capabilities of dealing with acute health issues including wounds, minor fractures, infections, minor breathing difficulties and acute pain. A referral or an appointment is not required.

For further information about Total Urgent Care, please call us on (08) 7095 3435 or email us via our website enquiry form. If you are planning to visit at specific time, you can book an appointment via our online booking page.


To improve the health of our community through convenient patient-centred urgent care services and partnerships with primary healthcare practitioners.


To deliver prompt, customer-focused, high-quality urgent care services with convenient hours and reduced visit times to those suffering from common illnesses and injuries.


Our values are crucial to the level of service we give and represent our Total Urgent care devotion and passion to deliver on the promise of timely Compassionate healthcare.

  1. Patient Centricity: Our employees must keep our patients' experiences in mind with every encounter and choice they make.
  2. Accountability: We accept full responsibility for our work, doing it to the best of our abilities and with the utmost personal integrity.
  3. Quality: We promote innovation, independence, and creativity in order to improve patient care while also providing a fulfilling work environment for our staff.
  4. Positivity: Every day, we choose to remain optimistic. Positivity spreads, increasing the pleasure, productivity, and creativity of people around us. People that bring passion and excitement to their profession are what we need. This includes being supportive of others, as well as the techniques we utilise, the patients we deal with, and the clinics.
  5. Teamwork: We communicate and collaborate as partners, understanding that this is essential to achieving our individual and collective goals.