Non-life threatening injuries

Prompt & effective treatment for non-life threatening injuries

It's important to note that if an injury is severe, life-threatening, or requires immediate surgical intervention, individuals should seek emergency medical care at a hospital's emergency department or call emergency services 000 immediately.

Total Urgent Care is equipped to handle a wide range of non-life threatening injuries. Some of the common injuries we treat include:

  • Sprains and Strains: From mild ligament sprains to muscle strains, we'll assess your injury and provide the necessary care for a speedy recovery.
  • Minor Fractures: Our clinic can diagnose and stabilise minor fractures before offering appropriate treatment options.
  • Cuts and Lacerations: Whether it's a minor cut or laceration, our skilled medical professionals will clean, disinfect, and close the wound to promote proper healing.
  • Contusions and Bruises: Our team can evaluate and provide guidance for managing contusions and bruises, helping alleviate discomfort and swelling.
  • Minor Burns: We offer fast care and wound management for minor burns to ensure optimal healing.
  • Dislocations: If you experience a minor joint dislocation, our clinic can assist with reduction and provide further recommendations for recovery.
  • Back and Neck Pain: Our experts will diagnose and treat non-emergency cases of back and neck pain caused by minor injuries or muscle strains.
  • Sports Injuries: Trust us to assess and treat sports-related injuries like sprains, strains, and minor concussions.
  • Minor Eye Injuries: Seek our urgent care for the treatment of non-emergency eye injuries, including foreign object removal and minor irritations.
  • Minor Head Injuries: We offer prompt evaluation and initial treatment for minor head injuries that do not present severe symptoms.
  • Insect and Animal Bites: Count on us to provide expert care for minor insect stings, bites, and animal bites, including wound care and tetanus shots.

When injuries strike, Total Urgent Care is your go-to destination for reliable and expert medical care. Our dedicated team of healthcare professionals provides you with prompt and effective treatment.

For comprehensive urgent care services in Adelaide, visit Total Urgent Care, where your health and well-being are our top priorities.

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